Symbols/Designs and their Meanings

Acanthus Flower– Heavenly Gardens

Agnus Dei– The Lamb of God on the book of Revelations 5:12

Alpha & Omego-Christ as the beginning and the end.  First and last letters of the Greek alphabet

Anchor-Maritime symbol, Hope

Anemone Flower– Immortality, Resurrection

Angel– Messengers between God and man

Bird– The winged soul.

Bleeding Heart– Grief, Bereavement

Blue Bell Flower– Constancy, Sorrow, Regret

Book/Bible– The Word of God, Education, Knowledge

Butterfly– Resurrection, Rebirth often thought to be the souls of the past

Caduceus– Medicine

Calla Lilly Flower– Majestic Beauty, Marriage, Sympathy, Zeal

Candidum or Madonna Lilly Flower– Annunciation, Purity, Heavenly Bliss

Candlestick– Christ “the light of the world”

Clematls Flower– Mental Beauty

Celtic Cross– Irish Ancestry

Celtic Knots– Knots are connected throughout, symbolizing eternity

Celtic Owl– Guide through afterlife

Celtic Tree of Life– The branches of Heaven and the roots of the Earth come together to symbolize the connection of Heaven and Earth.

Celtic Trinity Knot– Mother & Father, Children & Grandchildren

Chalice-Eucharist, the Last Supper, Priesthood

Chalice & Cross– Christ’s agony in the Gethsemane garden

Cherub– Commemorates a child, Heaven’s Messengers

Chi Rho– Christ & Christianity, Greek abbreviation meaning Christ (P with an X)

Circle– Eternity, Pre Christian symbol of Perfection

Claddagh– Love and Friendship, Irish (Crown is Loyalty, Hands are Friendship, Heart is love)

Clasped Hands– Parting or Farewell, Unity in Life and Death, Partnership

Climbing Rose– Love and Devotion of the family

Coat of Arms, Crest, Shield– Family Heritage

Cohanim Hands– Indicates dignity of Jewish families of aristocracy

Cross & Crown– Life after Death for the faithful, Sovereignty of the Lord, King of Heaven

Cross (Latin)– Christianity’s greatest symbol

Crossed Bones– Death

Crown and Scepter– Kingly authority of the Lord

Cultivated Rose– Everlasting & Eternal Love, Symbol of Our Lady, Heavenly Joy, Beauty, Hope

Daffodil Flower– Beauty, Deep Regard, Desire

Daisy Flower– Youth, Innocence, Gentleness, Purity in thought, Jesus the Infant

Dogwood Flower– Christianity, Divine Sacrifice and Triumph of Eternal Life, Regeneration

Dove– Holy Ghost, Purity, Innocence, Peace

Dragonfly– Change & Transformation, Joy, Connection with Nature

Draped Urn– Sorrow, Commemorates those who have been cremated

Eagle America, Freedom, Courage, Strength, Resurrection

Easter Lilly– Purity, Innocence, Heavenly Bliss, Resurrection, and the Blessed Virgin Mary

Flame/Torch– Conveys the inner energy of the soul (always lit and always fueled by faith)

Fleur De Lys– Annunciation, Trinity, and the Blessed Virgin Mary

Flutes– Unity

Fruit & Vine– Personality of Jesus Christ

Gladiolus Flower-Incarnation

Grapevine– The Lord, the Church, Christ & His Followers

Greek Cross– Faith and Heavenly Gardens

Harp– Joy, Music, Worship

Heart– Love

Holly– Passion of Christ

Hollyhock Flower– Ambition, Nature, Fruitfulness, Productiveness

Honeysuckle Flower– Bonds of Love, Fidelity, Generous and Devoted Affection, Resurrection

Hour Glass– Passage of Time, With wings it represents passing of time with immortality and the life beyond

IHS– Iesus Hominum Salvator (“Jesus Savior of Men” in Latin)

INRI– Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum (“Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews” in Latin)

Iris Flower– Protection, Sorrow of the Virgin at the Passion of Christ, A message

Ivy– Memory, Friendship, Faithfulness & Immortality, Eternal Life, Undying Affection, Happiness, Protection, Regeneration, Sensuality, Revelry

Jonquil– Desire, Regard

Lamb & Book– Divine Inspiration and Enlightenment

Lamp– Word of God, Learning or Teaching, Modesty and Temperance

Laurel Flower– Special Achievement, Distinction, Success, Triumph, Chastity, Glory, Atonement, Reward and Victory

Lily– Purity, Innocence, Virginity, Heavenly Bliss, The virgin, The Annunciation, The Resurrection, Lord’s human nature

Lily of the Valley– Purity, Humility, Renewed Happiness, The Virgin Mary, Brides

Lion– Bravery

Lotus Flower– Regeneration, Perfection, Youthful Bloom, Immortality, Silence, Female Fecundity, Eloquence

Madonna Lily or Candidum– Annunciation, Purity, Heavenly Bliss

Menorah– 7 Branched Candelabra, Ancient symbol of Judaism commemorating destruction of temple erected by Solomon

Morning Glory Flower– Resurrection, Youth, Bonds of Love and Affection, Farwell, Departure

Mystic Rose– The Mother

Narcissus Flower– Regard, Triumph of Devine Love, Eternal Life over Death, Sacrifice, Selfishness, Sin

Oak Leaf– Strength, Endurance and Forgiveness, Faith, Virtue, Stability, Honor, Liberty, Hospitality

Olive Branch– Peace

Owl– Wisdom

Palm– Spiritual Victory, Eternal Peace, Heavenly Reward, Success, Righteousness

Palm Leaf– Heavenly Reward, Victory, Spiritual Victory

Pansy Flower– Remembrance, Meditation, Humility, The Holy Trinity

Passion Flower– Story of the Lord’s Passion and Death, Redemption, Faith, Crucifixion

Patriarchal Cross– For Cardinals and Archbishops

Phoenix– Resurrection & Eternal Life

Pine/Pine Cone– Boldness, Fidelity, Stability, Fertility, Regeneration, Healing

Poinsettia Flower– Nativity, Birth of Hope

Poppy Flower– Restful Sleep and Consolation, Fertility, Peace

Praying Hands– Deep and Abiding Faith

Rainbow– Supernatural Beauty, Promise and Enlightenment.

Reeds– Family Unity

Rings– Marriage

Rising Sun– Dawn of Life

Rope– Has no beginning and no end, God has no beginning and no end, Eternity

Rosary– Worship or Prayer

Rose– Messianic Hope, Love, Our Lord, the Nativity, Beauty

Rosette– Messianic Hope and Promise, Love

Scallop Shell– Baptism (of Christ)

Scroll– Holy Scriptures

Shamrock– National Flower of Scotland & Ireland, Trinity

Ship– The Church and the State, Salvation and Emigration

Star of David– Jewish, Devine Protection

Sunburst– Light, Jesus is the light of the world

Thistle Flower– Independence, Austerity, Earthly Sorrows, National Flower of Ireland, Sin, Fall of man

Tree of Life– Eternal Life, Protection

Triangle– Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Tulip Flower– Symbol of love, affection and charity, Eternal Life

Violet Flower– Modesty, Faithfulness

Water Lily– Charity

Wheat– Bread of Life in the Holy Eucharist

Wheat with Grape and Vine– The Holy Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Christ, use restricted to Holy Orders

Wild Rose– True Love and Devotion, Messianic Hope & Promise, Blessed Virgin Mary, Simplicity, Modesty

Winged Skull– Soul’s Flight

Winged Wheel– Commerce

Wreath– Remembrance, Meditation, Death

Wreath of Bay– Mourning

Wreath of Ivy– Conviviality

Wreath of Laurel– Reward, Bliss

Wreath of Oak– Strength, Endurance and Forgiveness, Faith, Virtue, Stability

Wreath of Roses– Heavenly Bliss

Wreath of Willow– Bereavement, Mourning

Wreath of Yew– Immortality, Resurrection

Yartzeit– Basin filled with oil upon which lighted wick floats is a traditional commemorative ritual, Jewish

Ying Yang– (Monad), Mystic union of a man and woman, Wedlock